Innovative, inspiring and pragmatic programmes

21st Century leaders face a diverse set of challenges, from pressure to deliver today, to maintaining shareholder value, to keeping the ‘plates spinning’, to trying to focus on pipelines, strategies and building high performance teams at the same time!  It’s a tough environment and can feel very isolating.  There are many offerings on the market for leadership development programmes, some great and some not so great.  What we have noticed is that all ‘off the shelf’ programmes miss a trick in bringing the learning back into the workplace in a pragmatic and actionable way, that can offer a ROI to the organization.  At WorkingWell we aim to do just that!


We work closely with our clients to establish what the organization needs from its leaders.  We profile the key talent and identify where any gaps might be.  We then create innovative, inspiring and very pragmatic leadership development programmes that give your key talent the knowledge, skill and mindset required to take your organization where it needs to go.  We create ‘real-time’ projects for leaders to apply their knowledge and learning, to add value back into the organization.  We offer clear feedback and direction, challenging current thinking and building greater confidence in ability.  Our programmes have been said to create the perfect blend on personal insight and growth, with pragmatic knowledge and application of learning ‘back at base’.


We recommend long-term investment in your key talent, which is why our bespoke Leadership Development programmes run over 9-12 months, with a maximum of 8 leaders per cohort and are supported by a team of highly experienced trainers and coaches and market experts. 

Core, yet bespoked, topics/modules include:

  • Authentic Leadership – who am I as a Leader?

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

  • Strategic Thinking, Calculated Risk Taking and Raising the Bar

  • Building and Sustaining an Engaged, High Performance Culture

  • Understanding My Market

  • Action Learning Projects

  • Developing Engaged Teams

  • The Art of Effective Feedback

  • Advanced Communication and Influencing Skills

Optional topics/modules include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Developing Entrepreneurialism in a Corporate Environment
  • 360° Feedback
  • Personality Profiling
  • Team Emotional Intelligence – coaching you to facilitate the development of emotional intelligence within your own team
  • Finance for Leaders
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming for the Manager as Coach
  • Team Resilience
  • Personal Resilience

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