Our Approach to Workshops

​WorkingWell are specialists in the design and delivery of world-class stress training programmes and workshops. We believe that the key to the next generation of business success is through releasing individual potential by investing in employee wellbeing. We combine a technically rigorous approach with a detailed understanding of the commercial needs of our clients. This combination ensures that our training programmes are reliable, practical, relevant, and most importantly, useful.

Our workshops are stimulating and varied, creative and inspiring. The topics covered are customised to match and build on the areas of resilient behaviour that have been shown through the diagnostic process to be less well developed.


Our programmes are designed to help people improve their wellbeing through gaining an understanding of their key issues and providing practical guidance on how to develop workable solutions. The sessions positioned as a positive step in managing pressure, not as a remedial programme for people who can’t cope. It therefore helps to increase the awareness of pressure and stress in the organisation and hopefully remove the stigma associated with mental ill health. Indicators that these goals are being achieved include improved Pressure Management / Stress Assessment scores, improved relationships and productivity, increased engagement and resilience, and fewer incidences of work-related mental ill health.

​Highly interactive, attendance for either a full team or individuals who feel they will benefit from guidance in the areas covered will continue the process towards sustainable behavioural change and improved coping skills for your people.

The quality of our training programmes has been recognised by the European Union Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health by selecting the Marks & Spencer WorkWell Programme as an outstanding example of best practice.



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