Be the best version of yourself

We all love to ‘naval-gaze’ and look at reports that identify what we like, what we don’t like and how we might make decisions and behave. However, at WorkingWell we always ask the question ‘so what?’ We only ever undertake personality/behavioural profiling as part of a solution focused project.


Having tested the market and a very wide range of profiling tools, we only use a very select few, that are designed to offer insight and information that is accurate and practically useful. Our belief is that in order to be the best version of yourself, it’s not enough to know your ‘blind spots’ or development needs – you need to take action and do something with this information.

The tools we selectively use are:


  • EQi – Emotional Intelligence profiling tool (the key to success)

  • Leadership EQi – offering leaders a comparison into their own emotional intelligence against high performing leaders

  • PPS/DISC – a pragmatic tool to develop advanced communication and influencing skills with others

  • Bespoke 360° Feedback – qualitative, rather than quantitative, to offer a true reflection of how others perceive you (see 360° tab for more information)

  • Team EQi – profiling your team to develop a supportive, cohesive and aligned entity

These tools form part of our All Inclusive Executive Coaching programme and can be integrated into our bespoke Leadership Development and Resilience programmes.


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