Managing Pressure for Peak Performance

The P3 Index, together with the reporting and intervention system that supports, it has been developed by world experts in the management of workplace pressure.

Developed in association with the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and leading organisations in both the UK and the US, the questionnaire and reporting tools have been designed to involve employees and managers in a structured assessment process. By doing so they are encouraged to jointly take responsibility for managing workplace pressure and work together to identify small step sustainable changes to improve issues at source.

The P3 process combines accurate diagnosis with effective intervention in one affordable, easy to use system. There are many tools available for measuring workplace pressure but P3 is the first self contained process designed to effectively combine investigation with intervention. Ownership and responsibility for tackling workplace pressure is placed firmly with managers and employees with the P3 Index and reporting tools giving them the information they need to make rapid progress.​

Each individual who completes the P3 Index will receive their own confidential personal report showing their scores on each of the risk factors defined by the HSE in the Management Standards. This greatly aids individuals in the process of taking responsibility for their own response to pressure.

When all team members have participated the results for each workgroup are instantly available online and ready to be used as the basis of a structured discussion around the issues and potential interventions.

The system also produces unlimited aggregate reports from any combination of the workgroup reports, highlighting those issues that should be addressed by the senior leadership team at a departmental, divisional or organisation wide level.

The P3 Index is fully automated, quick to complete, easy to interpret and intervention focussed. As a result true cost of implementation is much lower than that of other tools, including the downloadable ‘free’ questionnaires.

Main Objectives of P3 Stress Risk

Team Agility: Main Objectives

  • Measures the six categories of risk for work-related pressure identified by the HSE within the Management Standards; • Demands, Control, Relationships, Change, Role, Support as well as organisational culture.
  • Further sections include; The Effects of Pressure, Pressure Performance Curve showing how people respond to workplace pressure, the level of Job Satisfaction within the workgroup, an assessment of the need to improve physical conditions, an assessment of the need to improve organisational culture
  • Enables managers, HR, or OH professionals to quickly set up unlimited pressure management surveys for individual workgroups or the whole organisation and meet the requirement for companies to conduct a risk assessment.
  • Provides individual team members with immediate online access to their confidential personal report.
  • Produces immediate online group reports available to managers and employees in that workgroup showing the key sources of pressure, risk factors, levels of morale and wellbeing, and employees' ideas for improvement.
  • Provides a clear, easy to implement process that encourages the team to meet and discuss the issues outlined in the group report and identify local interventions that are then entered onto the system.
  • Keeps an audit trail, provides internal benchmarks, records and tracks interventions, and initiates follow-up assessments to monitor progress and show improvement.

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