The pressure is on for all your teams

The economic climate and increasing global competition means that the pressure is really on for organisations and for the people who work in them. Growth targets are high and resources are being squeezed. The reality for many leaders is that they need to find ways of doing more with less, without damaging or demotivating their people. How can we grow, sustainably, with the same or even fewer resources?


Many are finding this a difficult question to answer. Studies have shown that employees who feel that they are consistently required to do more with less eventually respond by disengaging emotionally. This represents a significant loss to the organisation – particularly where innovation and creativity are the lifeblood of product development and competitive edge.


The risks don’t just stop at employee disengagement and increased turnover. If the pressure to perform consistently outstrips employee’s perceived coping capacity, stress and other ill-health issues ultimately develop, with the attendant financial, legal and PR consequences. It is worth getting this right – but this is hard to do if you do not know how your teams are feeling and responding to the pressure.


The Team Agility profiling tool enables teams to access this information and understand their pressure profile, so that they can identify the primary sources of their pressure and help focus their attention on the areas where small changes might make a big difference. This specialist diagnostic also gathers participant information about coping behaviour and how they manage their personal and team energy resources, so that they can easily see where they can make the small changes that will bring the biggest performance benefits.

What does it measure?

What are the outputs?

* Sample chart from a group report


* Sample 'Demands' chart from a Team Agility Group Report

The Team Agility tool will quickly generate an online (which can be saved to PDF and/or printed) Team Report that can be used directly by the workgroup and their manager and/or facilitator to identify their strengths and development areas.


On completion of the Team Agility profiling tool participants will also receive immediate feedback in the form of their own confidential Personal Profile showing how they scored on each question and offering prompts to consider what small changes they could make to ensure a better outcome for themselves.

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