How resilient are your teams?

A difficult question to answer probably as sometimes we are just too nervous to ask our employees how they are coping with the demands made upon them – in case they tell us and we don’t like what we hear. Other times we might feel able to ask the questions - run an employee survey - but then we are uncertain what to do with the results to make a difference. This often means that we leave well alone – if we don’t ask the questions then we won’t know and we won’t have to intervene. 


Of course, not quantifying issues does not mean that they are not there. Our Team Resilience approach is designed to directly involve work groups and their leaders in a simple diagnosis of the performance implications of their current response to workplace pressure and how their habitual ways of thinking and working may be getting in the way of the team making its fullest, most satisfying (and sustainable) contribution.


Our team led approach is different to traditional top down satisfaction or engagement surveys. Positioning this work as a way of assessing team needs and development opportunity greatly increases emotional engagement with the process and the team’s own results. This in turn leads to better, more implementable, local actions which the team will take ownership of and follow up. 

The Team Resilience programme has been shaped by our observation that it is the solutions that teams uncover for themselves that work the best and which have the greatest stick ability. Making things better starts with a collective understanding of the pressure profile of the team, as well as having a clear picture of the strategies they currently use for meeting demands. Teams are often shocked to find out that their learnt responses may actually be amplifying the pressure they feel and slowing things down for them.


Building Team Resilience means helping workgroups to understand that they have more options than they have become accustomed to thinking, about how they can deploy their team and personal resources to meet life’s demands. Once this is understood it is always possible to find ways to deploy their limited resources to better effect and recover their team and individual energy to enable sustained contribution and enjoyment their work AND their life outside of work.


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