Managing energy, not time - building team capacity


The key message throughout Team Resilience sessions is that achieving sustained high performance in an environment where additional resources are not available means a paradigm shift – away from traditional time management and smarter working, towards giving leaders and team members alike the tools to manage and renew their energy.


Emphasis throughout is on helping teams to examine how they can take personal responsibility to protect and build capacity where their habit might be to think only about competency. Very few employees who are in work today have competency issues (although they may lack confidence in it) but there is no point in being fully competent if the team member has reduced capacity to deploy it.

Achieving sustainable, healthy high performance


Making use of the Team Agility profiling tool, our Team Resilience workshops are designed to help teams and their managers review their demands and pressures and ensure that they manage their resources to enable sustainable, healthy high performance.


In highly participative ½ day sessions they are asked to review their (self-reported) workplace pressure profile alongside a profile of their collective behavioural preferences and consider the extent to which their current thinking and behavioural influences the return they are getting on their ‘energy inputs’.


  • What are our major sources of pressure?

  • Are these effects producing positive growth outcomes or negative stress?

  • If the outcomes are not positive for us - what can we modify at source?

  • If these pressures are ‘hard-wired’, how can we change our emotional/behavioural response?

  • What alternative responses are there be and how will that benefit the group?

  • How well are we deploying our individual and collective energy resources?

  • How well do we recover our individual and collective energy?

  • What specifically will we do differently from now on?

Information/learning inputs will be given by our facilitators to enable them to get the most from their report and the time spent reviewing it and the groups will be invited to consider:

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