Companies have an obligation to:

Whatever your feelings about the theory, landmark cases where companies have got it wrong hit the headlines every week. Most companies short-term absence figures also tell us that there are problems to be addressed.

HSE standards and guidelines on the management of stress at work make it clear that companies must undertake regular risk assessment of psycho-social issues in the workplace, and to address issues at source rather than through treatment after the event.


Management Style and Stress Management


Line managers have a pivotal role in the prevention, identification and management of stress within their teams. Their behaviour may, sometimes without them being aware of it, amplify the pressure that their team members are feeling. They are in a unique position to support their people if they see pressure turning to stress and will often be the first to notice changes in behaviour that might indicate a stress-related problem. They will also often be the initial point of contact if a team member feels able to report that they feel stressed.


Management behaviour is often highlighted as a major factor by those suffering from work related stress. Our tools and approaches can help line and senior leadership understand more about how their own behaviour can impact positively or negatively on employee performance and how to review and adjust their leadership style to stay the right side of the law and get the very best from each of their team members.

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