Are you working well?

Built to be used by individual employees (or groups of employees who might be going on a team building day or other learning and development activity together).


The WorkingWell Index:


  • Gathers information about the presence of thinking styles and behaviours known to be a contributory factor in poor emotional wellbeing

  • Helps participants identify which of the thinking styles and behaviours most closely associated with resilience are normal for them and which could be development areas for them in order to manage their demands more easily

  • Assist a team member feeling strained as a result of multiple work and/or home pressures to become more aware of how their current way of thinking and behaving might be adjusted in order to produce better results for them

  • Enables participants to assess how well they manage and deploy their personal energy

  • Can be used to assist counsellors and coaches in conducting a client centred conversation around a person’s results in order to move toward small step action planning as required.

  • Contains a validated algorithm to assess whether a person is experiencing clinically low levels of wellbeing


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